The Importance of Dreaming

The Importance of Dreaming is the first Independent Animated Short Film, written, directed and produced by Tara Audibert, founder of Moxy Fox Studio.

The film was created with help from the Canada Council for the Arts and Arts NB


Old lonely Owl dreams of having his own family.  In his travels he comes upon a large skulk of foxes playing together. Owl thinks they are beautiful and he watches over them for many days and nights. He wishes he could have such a beautiful family. One Fox is different, she notices Owl and watches him. Owl flies down to meet her and showing off his charms, becomes a part of the skulk. Foxx and Owl fall in love, but their love is met with contention driving Foxx and Owl away to try to find happiness together.

Directors Comments

My father had Alzheimer’s for many years and later passed away in his sleep. When he was alive there were times when his mind was not "with" us. This film is a legend based on his actual life, but also where I imagine his mind being those times he was not with us. This place was in his past, and dreaming of a wish that had already come true. In the film he is represented by the Owl. Space-time, relativity and Quantum theory allowed me to think about the fact that if the future could affect the past, our dreams in the future might affect what we have in the past. So you may have to forget when you are older so you can have the dreams that will happen to your younger self. In my mind that gives meaning to forgetting, and though the families suffer as well, it may be comforting to think that our loved ones are in a place that they have dreamed, and we are lucky to get them back for small moments before they must go.

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